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  • Made in Chelsea Commentary: Episode 3, Series 8 – Alik Cheats, but probably not!

    I’ve been wanting to do this all along with Made in Chelsea, but well, who has the time? Anyway, here goes my commentary from series 8, episode 3. Bonus points if I can get one or more of the cast to comment on this – unlikely, I know. Throughout this post I’ll be adding in comments […]

    Made In Chelsea
  • Stop HS2

    I’ve just created a new page about the UK Government’s plans to start building HS2 in 2017. I opposed this decision and think it would be better to invest in high speed internet nationwide to allow people more flexibility in their working patterns and therefore reducing traffic peaks throughout the week. Please have a look […]

    Stop HS2 campaign
  • Bad Marketing: Sainsbury’s Hate Lesbians (though probably not)

    Oh Sainsbury’s, we were getting on so well when we were chatting on Twitter the other week. Earlier in the week at a Sainsbury’s store in Brighton a lesbian couple were asked to leave after another customer complained about them kissing. The store security guard told them that another customer found them ‘disgusting’ and said they […]

  • UPDATE: Perfect Rum Punch

    Need a perfect rum punch recipe? Or just need a really easy cocktail recipe to impress your friends. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have one amazing rum punch recipe from our favourite Caribbean restaurant in Moseley, Birmingham, the Carib Grill (don’t judge them on their website). We love the owner, Clyde, who […]

  • The Tom Selleck Cake Returns

    Last week, just before I was about to go on holiday, I received a comment on this very blog, as well as a message through Facebook, regarding a cake I made to celebrate my buddy, Laura’s, 30th birthday. The message was a request to use a photo of the cake on the CBS show, The […]



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